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NCTE Letter Placement Cell Admission


Jeevan Chanan College of Education

Cultural Events

The college organizes several types of cultural events to use the student’s inner potential at a common platform. The college celebrates/organizes the following cultural events:

  1. Orientation Programme
  2. Diwali Celebration
  3. Mehndi Compitition
  4. Teacher’s Day
  5. World Students Day
  6. Children Day
  7. Hindi Diwas
  8. Science Day
  9. Women’s Day
  10. Haryana Day
  11. World Red Cross Day
  12. Sports Day (Annually)
  13. Yoga Day
  14. Christmas Day
  15. Card & Poster Making Competition
  16. Quiz Competition
  17. Speech Competition
  18. Poem Recitation Competition
  19. Rangoli and Alpana making Competition
  20. Pot, Diya & Candle Making CompetitionM
  21. Lohri Celebration
  22. Annual Day Celebration

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