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NCTE Letter Placement Cell Admission


Jeevan Chanan College of Education

Our Faculty

Human Performance Resource generally focuses on the role of the human factor in operational and innovation processes. Its mission is to develop scientific knowledge and to test theories that explain psychological processes at the organizational, group and individual level within the context of operations. An optimal fit between humans and work will be achieved when both human and work aspects are integrally re-designed and re-developed to improve performance.  It is focusing on how to manage work processes within organizations and how to design performance systems, task strategies, problem-solving, planning and control processes.  It is regarding how to optimize the workforce in general in order to realize the organizational goals, how to attract the right person for the job, keep employees motivated healthy and contributing to organizational performance. The Human Performance focuses in its education program on the contributions of people to human, team and organizational performance. On the human aspect, both competencies and motivation of human resources are relevant to delivering high-quality contributions to the realization of organizational and individual goals. On the work side, technical, social-organizational and job conditions under which people deliver their contributions to the realization of both organizational and individual goals are relevant. To help future professionals in institutions and human factor plays an important role, as do the modeling, analysis, and redesign of all, human-related.


Name Qualifications Experience in Years Date of Appointment Approval Letter Teaching Subject Photo
Dr. Pooja M.Ed., M.A. English, Hindi, M.Phil. Edu., Ph.D. Education 15 Years 20-09-2016 CRSUColleges/2016/7633/ Dated 15-09-2016 Languages Principal

Teaching Staff

Sr. No.NameDesignationTeaching SubjectQualifiactionApproval LetterDate of AppointmentPhoto
1Ms. Santosh RaniAssistant Professor in EducationEducationM.Com, M.A (Psychology), M.Ed. , M.Phil (Edu.), NET (Edu.)CG-1/B-49/2019/4907 Dated: 06/02/201901-03-2019no pic
2Mrs. Shalini PundirAssistant ProfessorSocial ScienceM.A. Pol. Sci., M.A. Edu, M.Phil. Edu. CG-1/A-69/2009/4013 dated: 26/03/200901-10-2007no pic
3Ms. Pooja DeviAssistant Professor in Fine ArtsFine ArtsM.A (English), M.Ed. ,NET (Edu.)CG-1/B-49/2019/4907 Dated: 06/02/201901-03-2019no pic
4Mr. Pardeep KumarAssistant ProfessorEnglishM.A. English, M.Ed., M.Phil. Edu.CG-1/A-69/2009/4013 dated: 26/03/200901-10-2007no pic
5Mrs. Sunita SharmaAssistant ProfessorLife ScienceM.Sc. Life Sci., M.Ed., M.Phil. Edu.CBA/A69/2013/12047 Dated: 28/06/201302-09-2013no pic
6Dr. RamniwasAssistant ProfessorHindiM.A. Hindi, M.Ed., NET-Hindi/Edu, Ph.D. HindiCG-1/B-107/16/12404 Dated: 10/03/201610-03-2016no pic
7Ms. Sangeeta Rani Assistant ProfessorEducationM.A. Pol. Sci., M.Ed., UGC-NET EducationCRSU/Colleges/2016/8593 Dated: 29/11/1629-11-2016no pic
8Ms. Sonia SinglaAssistant ProfessorSocial ScienceM.A. Economics, M.Ed.CRSU/Colleges/2016/8593 Dated: 29/11/1629-11-2016no pic
9Ms. SudhaAssistant ProfessorEducationM.A. Education, M.A. EnglishCRSU/Colleges/2016/8593 Dated: 29/11/1629-11-2016no pic
10Ms. MeenuAssistant ProfessorCommerceM.Com., M.Ed., UGC-NET Edu. GG-1/B-107/16/1240416-07-2016no pic
11Dr. Jagdeep KaurAssistant ProfessorComputer ScienceM.Sc. Computer Science, B.Ed., Ph.D. Computer Science, M.A. EducationCBA/A-69/2011/2486 Dated: 23/02/201102-11-2010no pic
12Mr. Kuldeep SinghAssistant ProfessorPhysical EducationM.P.Ed., Diploma in YogaCRSU/Colleges/2016/8593 Dated: 29/11/1629-11-2016no pic
13Ms. Ira SharmaAssistant ProfessorFine ArtsM.A. Drawing & Painting CRSU/Colleges/2016/8593 Dated: 29/11/1629-11-2016no pic

Non Teaching Staff

Sr. No.NameDesignationQualifiactionApproval LetterDate of AppointmentPhoto
1Mrs. Renu BalaLibrarianB.Lib. & M.Lib.CBA/A-69/2011/2486 Dated: 23/02/201102-11-2010no pic
2Mrs. Shelly SinglaOffice Manager B.A., B.Ed., M.A., PGDCA-01-09-2017no pic
3Mr. Naresh SharmaOffice-Cum-Account Assistant B.A., M.A. Economics-01-10-2007no pic
4Mr. Sonu SharmaOffice-Cum-Computer OperatorB.A.-01-04-2015no pic
5Mr. Surender KumarTechnical Assistant B.A.-01-04-2015no pic
6Mrs. Tamana BawejaLab Assistant BCA-01-04-2015no pic
7Mr. KaranSupport Staff/HelperUnder Matric-01-10-2007no pic
8Mrs. NirmalaSupport Staff/HelperUnder Matric-01-10-2007no pic
9Mr. Mukesh KumarStore KeeperUnder Matric-01-10-2007no pic