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Jeevan Chanan College of Education

About Us

Jeevan Chanan College of Education Assandh was established by Sh. Baldev Raj Arora, a philanthropist, in the memory of his mother Smt. Jeevan Devi Ji and his father Sh. Chanan Das ji in the year 2007. The main purpose of the establishment of this college was to promote women education in this rural area where there was not any college exclusively for women at that time. The college began with 100 students. Right since its inception, JCCOE has been consistently ranked among top institutions of the state in academics, cultural activities and sports etc. This college is known for its culture of fostering intellectual pursuits among its alumnae and for personality development of the teacher training from here.

Holistically, the student undergoes a sea change here if she is willing to learn and to excel in her chosen field. I would exhort students studying here to join at least one of our several clubs like dance and drama club, music club, sports club etc. and participate actively in the activities of some subject society to develop their inherent talent and to improve their personality.

At JCCOE, we prepare students very well for the business of living, for growing into ideal citizens and also for contributing significantly to the growth story of the nation. It will be in the fitness of things to let it be known that Sh. B.R. Arora Ji and his family are also running an old people home at Noida and a home for spastic children in New Delhi. These facts are enough to tell that Sh. Arora Ji and the members of his family are real humanitarians and are doing a really good job for the needy.