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NCTE Letter Placement Cell Admission


Jeevan Chanan College of Education


Principal's Message

Jeevan Chanan College of Education an institution with quality education in quality ambience. College grooms the latent talent of its students turning them into potential civilian fully capable of facing the challenges of globalization along with providing quality education with technology as its base value. The college strongly believes in the wholesome growth of its students and provides them every opportunity and facility to exploit their talent. Our mission is to promote human development and wellness, global awareness and progress in professional practices, curiosity, activeness, passion, attention, interest and optimism students show in their process of learning or when they are being taught.

The aim of the college is to have future teachers digitally empower, to provide knowledge, skills, ability, attitudes, to provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings that are essential for a productive and successful life. Our college is imparting quality education that would enrich every student’s cultural, intellectual, social life. We are committed to maintaining a balance between theory and practice. We endeavor to facilitate the learner to gain knowledge and experience enabling them to achieve meaningful individualistic development and the well being of society at large.

The College provides the ample facilities for imparting a social responsibility and social consciousness among the various stakeholders in preserving the environment and other resources by consulting and involving women. Jeevan Chanan College of Education is an endeavor to promote the academic excellence and integrity and outstanding teaching and service among the pupil teachers and to possess good communication skill.

Joining our institution will expand your horizons; make a remarkable difference, responsible and best productive professional in the field of education to enhance your career opportunities. I feel honour and privilege to be principal of Jeevan Chanan College of Education, Assandh, Karnal.